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I'm that 20 year old nerd, that loves to game and draw. A LOT. I'm pretty shy in person, but on the computer I can be quite the chatterbox. Well I can be shy on here too, but if I am it'll just take some time for me to get used to you, and bam. Outgoing Ash appears, rather weird actually. xD Just talk to me I don't bite ~ Maybe we can even game together sometime?

I post what I want on this blog, but I'm a major nerd for Pokemon and gaming!

Ya know what? Reblog this if you agree that online friends ARE real friends.

Forgot to tell you guys this cutie came finally came in the mail the other day~ Pokemon Center Ampharos keychain. *v*


Why doesn’t anyone ever tell me about their day like go on anon and tell me what you had for lunch or a dumb commercial that you saw I don’t care I like getting pointless messages

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